Few dreamers find a place in this world. They are stifled, neglected, and torn down for nothing less than heeding the call of their hearts and minds. There seems to be no place for them, beyond movies and TV.  Who reads anymore, who dares to fly in the face of reality?  Where would Da Vinci be if he were alive today?  He would be scoffed at as much today as the people did in those days. 

How can a dreamer make a living?  There are few who would take a chance on them. A dreamer must maintain their convictions, regardless of who stands in their way.  They must go onward despite being considered foolish and sentimental. They must be strong of character, willing to stay their course amidst slings and arrows.  For when a dreamer is attacked, there is no remorse among the masses.  They would have him strung up in the center of town as a mockery, as an example to dissuade other potential renegades.

For that is how the dreamer is viewed, an upstart to be stopped, a simpleton to be laughed at, or, worse, a pity to walk by and ignore if possible.  But the dreamer is actually a gift, a necessity.  For who else but a dreamer could have built all there is?  Who else but a dreamer could see the possibilities?  How much worse could the world be, for without dreamers there would be no hope for anything more.

Are you such a creature?  A dreamer?  What imaginings fire your soul and give you inspiration to look forward to what may lay ahead?  What fantasies fill your eyes when they are closed to the light of reality, and are let loose in the night? What visions do you see in the clouds above?  What shapes do things take when your mind takes hold of them?

If you dare to call yourself a dreamer, then I call you my friend, for I too am a dreamer, born, raised, and bred.  From the womb I saw what was, and allowed my mind to see what more there could be.  And, because, I won't let them stop me, I'll be a dreamer until I am laid into the ground, forgotten ... But my dreams will live on in you and in them.

For as a dreamer, I am a creator ... I can give thoughts and images to others I meet and once expressed, those dreams become alive.  I give my dreams to you and urge you to give life to your own.

Some day, I believe, all dreams do come true, once you believe they are true 

... Believe, imagine, and dream ...  Thia Lynne

Hello, and welcome... 

This is my dream world. Let me tell you a little about who I am and what I dream of.  I am a diehard dreamer to the core.  I look at a movie or a picture and I see beyond the light and shadow that fill my view, I look into a world beyond.  My world, of possibilities and imagination.  When I look at a photo of a flood ravaged land, or a desert, I barely see it, my mind transforms it into a habitat, a city, the view out of an imaginary window. I see what could stand in it's place, and be a part of the picture if only I could will it there.

I hear of places where people are starving, homeless, or simply meeking out an existence, and though I feel pity, my mind simply says, I could make it better.  And I sit with pen in hand and can form a house, a town, a city, a world...

I have so many cities and towns and homes in my mind, that when I visited New Liberty Village, I felt like I'd come home.  Well, they were like neighbors, people I could see and imagine a stone's throw away. What fortune to find this place, I thought. And, for me, I did an unimaginable thing... I spoke up.  I sent an email and excitedly proclaimed my joy at finding brethren of heart and mind.

I am quiet and unassuming some time, but like anyone, circumstances can bring out the best and the worst in us. I was released from what I thought was a quiet little cage, my mind set free to wander and express itself.  And, you too have found it. I am so pleased.

So, let me tell you about one particular place in my mind.  It is what you are about to see. So travel with me and I'll tell you how it came to be, and where, I think, it could find it's place in reality ..........

Thia's Oasis Community Facilities

Thia's Grandeur City

The Tragedy of Rage

Skilled and Unskilled Labor In The Job Market

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