The Liberty house, I believe,  will prove to be  a revolutionary concept  providing more than just shelter.   Many of its inhabitant's survival needs, including clean water, food,  warmth and protection from the elements can be obtained living within its shell, even during extreme natural or economic disruptions. Physically able persons can either manually by themselves, or with the aid of machines and friends,  build their homes with minimal  instruction and cost.  Eventually such structures can be built to order, or purchased already completed, for far less than what standard construction normally costs.  The concepts lend themselves to many types of buildings for a variety of uses, many different sizes, and almost unlimited design. It is easy to imagine a whole community of such homes and 'common' buildings, nestled in the environment without undue disturbance to other forms of life. 

Conventional earth sheltered homes normally cost  more to build than conventional above ground structures.  For the first time, all the many advantages of invulnerability to wind, fire, earthquake and noise can be obtained  at  significantly less cost.   A person or family wishing  to forgo the standard 9 to 5 job away from home, will be aided in reaching a degree of independence never before considered possible. 

The unique method of construction allows for wide variety of design and personal expression.  The exposed southern face of the house can be designed in enumerable ways with a modern or conventional appearance. These illustrations picture the model I soon expect to build featuring  a bell-shaped greenhouse at the front entrance.  This glazed area  will,  at times, help warm the interior of the house and the huge earthen heat storage bank surrounding the structure.  The air-convecting aerodynamic shape of the greenhouse serves several novel functions as do many features of the house.  

The windowed "goblet" that located in the center of the domed living area helps to illuminate some of the rooms, heats water, and even provides distilled water when desired.  This house will also have sheltered areas for livestock, easily assessable and maintained. 


The Living room area of this home not only allows for a wide variety of activities, it sometimes seems to be alive itself, a true 'living' room. The indoor pool remains at room temperature (unless one wishes it warmer). When the air becomes too dry, rain can fall, tropical fruits may grow, and changing patterns of light mark out the time of day and season of the year.  Left to itself, the room temperature stays at a constant 70 degrees F. year round, or fine tuned when desired, without the use of any commercial source of energy.  Based on some projections, hopefully this structure will also provide it's own electrical power using a combination of natural sources. The rainbow colored cantilevered panels are actually portals  to other areas of the house.