April 11, 2000
Thia ,
Letter to the editor

I am very thankful to you for creating this site. Your gift of a forum to express our own particular voice and opinion is a blessing to us all. To know that our opinion is valued, desired and worthy, is more than most of us has ever hoped for.  I thank you for letting me contribute and share my heart with you and other visitors. I look forward to sending you even more in the future, and hope that others will too. -thia

March 17, 1999
What an amazing site!

This is a great and valuable accomplishment. There is so much of value on your site and it will continue to grow. We hope to participate in some form or other in the near future. Right now we are happy to be able to learn! In friendship, Prad

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information, imagination, inspiration - truly a site for soaring I's

August 4. 1999
Subject: Viability

I Just realized that I never said thank you.

If I'm correct in thinking that the web-manager is also the creator of this little on-line village. You've givin me hope for a better future. If the web-manager isn't then would you please do me the favor of saying thank you to him. I'm only 18 and I am looking forward to creating something to the effect of New Liberty Village. This life thats been set up for me won't make me happy, just like what I am doing now isn't making me happy. (being forced into a mold). But one step at a time. You've givin me a frame work and some Great ideas! As long as you keep growing, I'll keep coming back. Take care, Till Then.

Editor of New Liberty Village,

We have been in a whirlwind of activity, trying to finish the handbook and also continue our building projects on EarthStar.  We want to thank you so much for your kind offer to include information on the B.E.L.L. and other topics we might want to share on your web-site. [see New Liberty Village Discussion Group] We will be sending you a perspective drawing, maybe a couple of photos, and the related information about the B.E.L.L. as soon as we get it all ready. 

Also wanted to tell you how much we are enjoying your web site.  It is so beautifully done and of course, we really resonate with all that New Liberty Village is about.  I can potentially see it as a very informative and inspiring source for others who are looking into alternative lifestyles. 

Kevin and I were just talking yesterday about how the desire for a community, village, or tribe must be in our genes or something.  We thoroughly looked into joining a community, even made special trips to visit a few, and were left feeling disappointed and rather hopeless that there could ever be a successful community that could peacefully include everyone's vision of life.  We saw nothing that even remotely resembled our deepest desires for a village that we could feel comfortable with.  So we improvised and adapted our plans and decided to go it alone, just the two of us, but with the hopes that EarthStar could be a teaching model and an example of how we could all find the middle path between the desire for a close-knit community and the lonely isolation that most people feel.  I think your idea of having a cyber-village is an excellent one.  At least we can all get together and share and communicate our hopes and dreams in a form that is available to us right now.  Who knows about the future?  Life, for us, is all about navigating the present moment, and looking for the little gifts in the here and now.  And as we live from our highest and best in the now, we feel that we can certainly create a higher and better future for the earth and all mankind.

 Have you discovered the Simple Living Journal's website?  They have a live, online chat group that we get on quite frequently and exchange ideas on how to simplify and downsize our lives, get out of the rat race, y2k preparation (or just common sense, gather nuts for the winter preparation) living lightly on the earth, etc.  They also have scheduled hosts on during the month...mostly people who are authors of some of the best-selling books out now on the subject of voluntary simplicity.  Web site is  If you get on the chat room sometime, we sign on as Kevin/Donna.  Would love to yap with you sometime.  And by the way, we have been telling our friends on this site about your site...especially referring them to our recent post when they ask us questions about the B.E.L.L. and lifestyle.  Good advertisement for both of us!

We hope to be finishing up with the things we want to send you within a few weeks.  We have been working like beavers on all our projects, and now have the workshop to put together on top of everything else we're doing, but we are loving every minute of it!  Our commitment is to live in service to the earth and to contribute to the vision of a better world.

Thanks again for your generosity on including some of our stuff on your site.  We are looking  forward to contributing to your creation which is, as I said, something we really groove with.

Let's stay in touch, we love what you are doing on the web-site,      Donna  and Kevin

January 17.1998 Aquilino Mayo
I thank you for this site. I have just arrive, and I was around taken a look in your
web. I am going to take time sometimes to share my visions and coments with you.
I hope I can help you to make this dream grow up, and become a real state of being.
I apologize for my English.
Thanks again. Aquilino

November 4. 1997
A Typical town?

Some of my confusion, I guess, is that I don't see New Liberty Village as anything radically different than a nice small town, not all that different from hundreds (thousands?) of small towns around the United States. It is a rather 'progressive' town with strong environmental concerns, and a strong business association. The things that people do in NLV can be done (are being done) anywhere. Small businesses often operate like the ones in NLV. People start new businesses (like the cafe) every day with money from investors or a bank loan. Many people negotiate the terms of their employment and are more like partners than employees. Many people freelance their own work and have short term or long term contracts to provide services.

It would be nice if more towns emphasized locally-produced goods like NLV does, but that has more to do with what the people of the village want to buy and if it is produced locally for the right price. Supermarkets around here, for example, will buy local produce, but only if the producer can supply enough of it for the full season (reasonable enough--they sell a lot and don't want to have to scramble around finding more if they run out). Farm markets, on the other hand, will buy small lots of almost anything
small farmers can produce. They LOVE to get locally-produced goods, but couldn't get enough and had to buy from outside the area this year.

Perhaps I haven't spent enough time in NLV to see the subtle ways that it is different. What about the tax structure? Do you have property taxes? (Did I miss the area that discusses taxes?). Many of the political positions in our township are practically volunteer--a token salary and usually only one candidate running. Still there are a lot of hidden agendas--'they' (a small group) are currently trying to change the zoning of my township to not allow certain kinds of businesses in the township ('they' are not clear exactly which kind of business they don't like, and won't admit to backing a write-in vote for their candidate). I've seen
fundamental religious groups slowly take over school boards then try to change the structure of the schools. I don't know how this pertains to NLV, but there is always SOMEONE trying to impose their ideas on everyone else, and I'm sure NLV is no different in that respect.

I'll have to watch the progress of NLV; it looks like a nice place to live. But I think it is possible to live the 'New Liberty lifestyle' in many places that already exist. I can garden, farm, start a business, work part-time or full-time in any job for which I have the skills. Or not work at all if I don't need the money. How I live is already pretty much up to me.

Sorry if this is a little dis-jointed. It's been raining for days and the
kids and dogs have too much energy and are using it to destroy the house!  A visitor

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