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I had considered getting a Norwalk juicer for years, as recommended by the Gerson Institute.  Max Gerson MD convincingly  ruled out the use of the common centrifugal juicer,  because patients who used them did not respond to the Gerson treatment program for Cancer and any number of other degenerative diseases.  He concluded this was due to the oxidation and electrolysis of the enzymes in the juice. The Norwalk juicer, which grinds and presses in two separate operations, sells for $2,000 per unit, so you might understand why it was I only considered it. 

The intensive Gerson treatment program provides 13 glasses of juice per day  (20 pounds of produce!) and other natural, organic methods. In order to allow the patient to consume such large quantities, it is important that the juice be pulp free. They do approve the use of a Champion juicer, ($250) using it in the grinding mode, and then pressing the finely ground pulp in a separate operation, evacuating the juice.  I came across a source for the K & K hydraulic press, wholesale for $300+$25 shipping (707-928-5970 ), and we are very satisfied, using the Champion as the grinder, and the K & K hydraulic press to expel the juice.  Only three medium carrots and an apple results in 8 ounces of juice of great texture and taste. 

If one is going for any quantity of juice, using a press makes a large difference ... at least 1/3 more juice  from the same amount of produce, as seen in the chart below. The juicing mode of the Champion produces a juice that still contains a lot of pulp.  If it is allowed to set a few minutes, one will see the pulp settle to the bottom.  As said above, pulp is a factor when imbibing large quantities of juice in a treatment program, being so very filling.  Gerson also thought it important that the acid in the apple pulp be mixed with the pulp of the carrots, making the nutriments more available to the body. For preventive and general use, a press would not be mandatory, but it always bothered me to throw out so much nutriment with the pulp. Organic veggies and fruits do not come cheap for us, anyway, and are a shame to waste.

If you are not familiar with the Gerson program, you might want to check out their site  www.gerson.org .  We have two of Charlotte Gerson's video tapes (the daughter), and his book, called A Cancer Therapy: Results of 50 Cases It is available from the Gerson Institute, Amazon and a lot of other places online, as well as at health food stores.

The website has some representative case histories. I am certain if I suspected I had developed any one of these problems, I'd make the trip somehow to one of the treatment centers certified by the Institute, or really study up on how to apply the therapy at home. The non-profit organization does a great job of disclosing all aspects of the therapy, not withholding the vital information for profit motives. 

This is a chart found at the Norwalk Juicer Website( http://home.abac.com/norwalk/walker.htm )

The Bailey Report

A comparative study of the operation and efficiency of machine "A", a leading centrifugal juicer; machine "B", described as being a juicer, grater and homogenizer; [quite sure this is the Champion] and machine "N", a Norwalk hydraulic press juicer. A chemical analysis of the mineral content of the extracted juices was made. Uniform 5 pound samples of carrots, parsley and celery were run on each of the machines with the following results:

Carrots Parsley Celery
Juice Extracted - ozs. 40.5 40.5 57.0 8.80 8.80 27.0 50.7 59.7 68.1
Mineral Content - mgs
Calcium 501 1458 2708 460 500 1605 345 505 675
Magnesium as MgO Tr 5.7 22.8 75 85 265 170 305 385
Phosphorous as P2O2 20.3 70.9 285 110 115 445 200 305 480
Iron as FeO 10.5 10.1 37.6 5 10 45 Tr 5 5
Potassium as K2O 8.1 16.2 31.9 1245 1745 5415 3550 5070 6465
Sodium 100 110 365 1635 1995 2315

'This study indicates that the Norwalk produces a much greater amount of juice from a given sample than does either of the other juicers in much less time. The extremely fine pulp produced by the Norwalk and the very great pressure applied by the hydraulic press would appear to account for the greater yield of juice and the very marked superiority in the extraction of mineral content."

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