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A timely movement towards:

for individual choice
thoughts, beliefs,
art, education and
cultural Expression

of  voice and vote
  defining rights relationships 
between Human beings


by free association for
producing, distributing, and
consuming goods
of the earth

Now is the time for new alternatives to be introduced in diverse areas of human life on planet Earth.  Now, before it is too late.   By our daily choices we humans have taken upon ourselves the very destiny of all life on the planet.  Look in any direction, and see this.  Examine the social structures we have created, now in states of decay, offering failing solutions no longer adequate, or even pertinent to the times.  Has the last word been spoken, no more approaches yet to be found and explored, yet untried? Some think there are yet better ways for this time, and this site is meant to offer opportunity to examine and share them. 

With the outer changes occurring about us, also dawns new inner light and insight. What is portended from the unsettling events, need not be the final outcome. With changes in mind, heart and attitude, new choices come to light,. with yet much to be done, with hope and aspirations manifested in new life. What we now see is only the consequences of our accumulated mindsets at this point in time and space. The question is still open if life on the planet can survive this period of extreme conditions brought about by mankind's own choices. The only determining factor is still ... the choices we make.  You, I, and every one. We are all on this planet together, each playing a part.

As serious minded, realistic, yet hopeful human beings, what are we to do? What can we do to ensure survival through this period? Where are the opportunities for change and even survival?

The projections posed now by our leading scientist, matching ever closer the messages from ancient and current intuitives, and even common sense discernments are indeed foreboding. An undertone of anxiety and confusion grows with a sense of helplessness for those raising families or even provide for their own well being.  To say little for all the other life forms rapidly decreasing in number. Will there soon be no life left on planet earth? What can we do to help determine the outcome from the culmination of all these dire events tearing down all we have become dependent upon for bodily survival as well as psychological and spiritual? Anything?  

Anyone wishing to examine these issues and contribute their own knowledge, experience, their expertise, no matter how small or large to the venture of saving life on planet earth is encouraged to consider contributing their input here. Be it a comment, question, article, or link.

This is not an online sect, pretending to have all the answers, but hopefully becoming one among other forums facing, without denial, our present challenges. Finding better choices to purposefully make our own way. fulfilling our own hopes for life in these times and beyond with passion and goodwill. Utopia? This our village is not, nor our goal. Better ways of doing things, bringing about different results. 

What We Do Know

One thing has become increasing clear. We share space on a finite planet with other humans and diverse species of life; plants and animals, and as humans have great influence of what occurs. How interdependent we are for joint survival, nothing unaffected by the life of another. No one is likely to survive independently on their own. 

Nothing we now depend upon for daily life can no longer to be taken for granted. Is it even possible to live, learn to live, and work side-by-side when there seems to be a war of all-against-all already extant in even our own homes and neighborhoods, to say nothing of nations? 

What are the principles that work in relationships between one individual and another, or one group of persons and others, each very different yet sharing some things in common simply by being a human being? Total anarchy cannot work. Yet subjugation to someone else's will is beyond our present desires and acceptance. 

What arenas of our social life together are free and sacrosanct, even untouchable by any other person, or groups of persons? Are there such realities? Or are these a mistaken dream or fantasy in a world of hard realities?

The inventory list of survival needs for bodily life on the planet is diminishing  food, clean, , pure water, even clean) oxygenated air, and shelter from the elements. Even now many are not finding these sufficiently available.  What is our own responsibility for those who are not able to supply this for themselves? The young, the elderly, the homeless, those made homeless from the wars, the floods, the fires?  What is the role of group action, and government in regulating and providing for these needs.  Will enough life still survive when there are no governments left to regulate and supply the cites and other dependents? 

How important is it really, to consider the cost of our life styles and daily survival  to the environment, not for just for today's populations, but those to come? Who is to carry on ans regulate the production, the distribution and the consumption of goods exacted from the planet, and share them in any kind of equitable and just manner?

Can distinguishing these three areas of social life, the Spiritual, the Rights life, and the Economic life, each different and separate paradigms, each with its own very different requirements, goals,  and nature,  for fulfillment, we think, help provide clear and distinct guidelines for social relationship with others? 

With freedom of thought, beliefs, and individuality for each person, reflected in free-choice of education, the arts and culture, speech and thought, chosen and expressed freely by each individual, requiring the Freedom to live, grow and express our spirit as we chose, with ample social allowance and liberty for expression of our differences in the social world.

With Equality of rights, the same and equal for each person determined alone just by the fact we are human beings ... not our social position, our financial status,  our gender, race, culture or any other distinction ... other than being human. These rights, in our community Are determined by equal voice and vote, each, knowing that they apply equally to themselves as well as every other human being within their freely chosen domain. With equal expression and power of vote, for each human being of voting age. 

Realizing our close bond and dependency on other life forms, for us to survive we need to mindful of our own use of the environment not for our own children but those to come.  Ther eis a place for government and regulations, And places where group activity and choice has no business being. 

Simply by being human, all men share some needs and desires in common and it is in these aspects of our lives where men can meet together and define how we all can jointly best help all meet these needs. Equality of human Rights, socially defined and maintained through truly democratic public forums, must become the sole concern of government.  

To sustain our bodies and souls, we each require goods and services.  Efficient provision of these products can be achieved socially, fraternally through strictly free and voluntary joint Economic Life associations.  These independent but linked associations can provide a meeting place for rubbing shoulders, creating strong bonds of communion and community between persons, each remaining in command of his or her own life, each person their own boss. their own economic entity determining their own direction in company with others managing their own personal identity and 'business'.


Past and present forms of one-state governments no longer provide insufficient ground for support and growth of these three, very different, arenas of social life: the Spiritual/Cultural Life, Rights Life, and Economic Life. Each organ has it's own needs and place in our lives together. One domain cannot rule over the other or take it's place. Economics and Government have totally separate functions and goals, while the spiritual/intellectual life of an individual requires freedom.  Equality and brotherhood each bywords and the reigning principle of different areas of life. Union and integrity of human life results as the result of functioning of all three of these arenas side-by-side, independent, each successful and strong in it's own unique way and means, like the separate systems comprising the human body. No longer can it be expected a single structure or organization can manipulate or control all three divisions with the same brush stroke or sweep.

To meet the requirement of Freedom for our individual spirits, assure Equality and sameness of rights for all, and provide truly voluntary choice of how we spend our time producing, distributing, and consuming products in joint association with others, requires new ways of looking at things. Each of these three social spheres has it's own special character and requirements for maximal health and strength. No longer can an attempt to handle and provide all three of these areas of human life the conditions required for growth and survival by single social life handled by a single, broad-brush Sweep called Government, unsuccessfully attempting to do it all, and now failing in every arena.

We explore here, together, not an Utopian Dream, but what is the best we can do at this time.   As situations and persons change, we must remain open to new alternatives.  Old forms and structures invariably, eventually,  become inadequate to meet the new exigencies arising over time, demanding new consideration and insight. Perhaps the largest example of this, no longer avoidable is that the ....................nd its other creatures should have been closer taken into account and how close we are already to complete extinction of life on the planet earth. actions, or we too may well soon be extinct.

So we approach on the long way here, at the branching of the road, the choice. All else follows upon this very human decision and action process.

r is it already too late,  everything tried, everythiing failed. no longer any new alternatives available? No. We think there is further light to be shed on how to live peaceably and productively with one another, while reaching our full potential as free spirits in the earth.  We and our families can be more than victims, dependent on the old.  Could it be that neither corporate Capitalism nor Socialism are the only alternatives? What is the next step? These  crucial questions are what this site is about.

What you see here are some persons' ideas you may have not considered before. What are yours? 

This website is strictly an educational endeavor, not commercial or membership oriented. It is not a 'program' or a 'plan' to be adopted but a cyber imagination illustrating principles and insights which can change our real-world realities for the better.   Any and all contributions of articles and information is voluntary and unpaid.  If you think you have new alternatives to volunteer towards making life on earth better, we most heartily welcome your 
input.  Please consider this site a possible way to express your point of view. 

What better ways of doing things do YOU have to offer? 

The healthy social life exists only when
in the mirror of the human soul
the whole community forms itself,
and in the community lives
the strength of the individual soul.
                                      Rudolf Steiner, 1920

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