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Hello, come on in!

I'm Terry, this is James Jr., and you saw Tanya and Gail on the way in. Beingmother.gif (17677 bytes) right on the road, as we are, many visitors stop, asking about the town.  I guess they want to hear what a home body like me has to say about New Liberty Village.

       James and I like being here. We have experienced a variety of different living situations since we married. After we finished school, we followed the professions we'd chosen: I, a primary school teacher... he, a banker. We reached a point we were dissatisfied with the way we were spending our time, the constant upgrading of our need for more things and higher salaries, and actually, finally dropped out. We spent some time in an intentional community which had some good features, but we wanted a life of our own making, not someone else's ... certainly not a group of somebody's telling us how to live it.

Our oldest child, Gail, was born there, then we heard of an abandoned farm in the area which we arranged to buy. After a couple years, the commune dissolved, and our closest neighbors were now over a mile away.  Both of us, being city bred, gained a great appreciation of nature and country life .. most of which the majority of people today know little about. The birds and other wildlife, the quiet, working in the soil ... we now could not get along without it.  You see all the creatures we keep. We also got used to true yellow yolks in our eggs, and fresh veggies year round.  

To our surprise, after a few years homesteading, we became aware we were craving more contact with people. We were learning self-sufficiency skills, but often it would have been nice to work along side others ... some jobs just are much easier, and more efficiently done, with help.   Certainly more fun. The long hours we worked, doing things for, and by, ourselves, only served to emphasize how dependent we still were on greater society and the outside economy. We were undoubtedly better off than the majority of persons in case of a real recession, growing our own food and all.  We could see it would be pretty scary to have to try to do it all ourselves, even impossible.

Here in New Liberty Village, we have the best of both worlds. There are others around with whom we can work together when we want to, or need to, but we still maintain our privacy and independence. 

Our private family life is completely off limits to other's hands or opinions.  No one tells us how our kid's should be taught, how we spend our time, what we should eat, or anything else.  I happen to home-school my own children and several other kids, part-time.  Other parents teach them on other days. Education and family life are two areas of life where government and business better stay out.  We have neighbors and close bonds with several associations here in town where we pool our resources and knowledge, and in the event of a crisis, I think our chances are much greater getting through it alive and sane than they were living alone on our homestead.

Family life, being inviolate and part of each individual's and our village's "Spiritual Life" is never legislated by group action or discussed in any public forum.  We are free to explore, consider, and discuss all manner of information and helpful ideas!  If you have any thing to add to our library concerning family life, of any nature, we would like to read it, but of course we decide for ourselves what is useful, what isn't.

We are not afraid of new ideas, and trust our own powers of judgment and good sense.  We can allow others the same freedom to explore and express.  We are not an on-line cult, and there is a wide range of people in the village, with all kinds of cultural and racial backgrounds.  There are vegetarians, vegans, fruitarians, and meat eaters like ourselves. Different families go to different churches, or none at all. This tolerance for difference and freedom of thought goes with our name, New Liberty. This is the distinguishing trait of the village that attracted us to it, the counter-poising of Freedom and individuality with social responsibility and opportunity.  I think we carry it off pretty well!


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