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The B.E.L.L

The Biogenic Ecodesic Living Lighthouse

When we met in 1992, Donna and I were looking for another way to live, outside of the entanglement of consumeristic society.   Since then we've made incredible progress and feel motivated to share our discoveries. KevinDonnacat.jpg (270306 bytes)In reading about earth-friendly alternatives we came across the idea of a simple dwelling called the B.E.L.L. (biogenic ecodesic living lighthouse).  It is a 309 sq. ft 8-sided, circular dwelling that contains 22 windows all the way around. Construction cost less than $5000. It facilitates a healthy lifestyle in communion with nature, and minimizes fuel and utility costs. One can actually live in a BELL without the need of electricity, or at least, rely on a PV system only. Heat is by wood stove. The major advantage is the use of space and the ability to grow indoor greens, such as wheatgrass, buckwheat and sunflower, because of the abundance of fresh air and light. The indoor greens make up 50% of our diet, thereby reducing our food bill significantly. We are able to minimize the need for a large kitchen and garden, are able to catch rainwater, which also reduced our need for installing a well or relying on city/rural water hookup. We are hoping others are interested in this unique life-generating lifestyle that promotes ecological and environmental responsibility.

Kevin and the completed B.E.L.L.

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Bellinterior1.jpg (40144 bytes)          The interior of the B.E.L.L.

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Plans  from the Primal
Conscious Living Handbook

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              Our cost for the EarthStar habitat:

2- acres ...........
bathhouse/barn ...
cistern/pump .......
BELL ..................
Total cost ............ 
$  3,700
$     780
$  4,800

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The bathhouse/barn

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