Natural Diet, The Secret Skill

Pathway to a Simple Life

In the six years since we began our quest for a measure of freedom from a society that made no sense to us, we have mapped out a pathway which we feel will bring one to a more sensible, rewarding, sustainable and pleasurable future. In the beginning of our search for an alternative lifestyle, all we could see was the very first stepping stone of natural diet. We had no idea, or even the confidence that this pathway could eventually lead us, step by step, to the peaceful, simple life we longed for and which we are now living. But as we unraveled our entanglement in the Industrial Age economic system, we discovered a series of definite steps to be taken that can at least allow one to live a comfortable life in the middle of the two extremes of abject poverty and unfulfilling affluence.

The stepping stones which lead to the experience of freedom, health, and peace have been conducive to our understanding of the primal Law of One, of seeing the inter-connectedness between all the many aspects of life, a view of reality held by many ancient cultures who knew the secrets of living lightly on the earth. They are as follows:

Natural diet, which leads to

Superior health, which leads to

Reduced food and medical expenses, and the

Ability to live in a smaller shelter

Reduced fuel and water consumption

Reduced living expenses

Less hours spent earning income

Increased leisure time

Greater sense of freedom and contentment

The next section will discuss the path of natural diet and superior health, an important first step toward realizing simplicity and fulfillment.

Natural Diet, The Secret Skill

From our experience, we have come to the conclusion that the very first priority in starting out on the path to simplicity is to work on the secret skill of natural diet. We call it the “secret skill” because not many people recognize the significant connection between what one eats and the direct impact that diet has on ones’ ability to loosen the grip of slavery to the economic system. It is a “skill” because it is something that requires information that is not readily available to the general public. It also requires commitment to work on changing ones’ diet from the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) to a natural diet as though it were a skill needed for survival. In other words, working towards a natural diet requires education, motivation, determination and support from others who also realize the importance of diet as one of the most important aspects of life, a way to escape from the economic trap of a producer-consumer society.

The key in regards to this entrapment is the word “consumer”. The ability to maintain a natural diet automatically enables one to become self-reliant and independent of the shackles of consumerism and being chained to the local supermarket or fast-food restaurant for daily sustenance. There is a definite cause and effect sequence, or rippling effect that comes as a result of learning and applying the skill of natural diet. The result is a life of maximized personal self-reliance and creative leisure.

The traditional fare of the S.A.D. diet is based on predominately cooked, processed and packaged foods, which means that there is a high price to pay in getting that food from the farmer to the processing plants and from the supermarket to your plate. By “natural” we mean foods that are fresh, unprocessed and tampered with as little as possible. And natural food does not mean food that has been prepared from “scratch” as our grandparents did.

In fact, our primal diet doesn’t even require the use of recipes. There is no need to collect or store cookbooks. As we worked on our ability to successfully live in a small shelter such as the B.E.L.L , we discovered that cooking food (especially using recipes) was too complicated for the easy, relaxed kind of lifestyle we wanted. So we began experimenting with our diet until we came up with one that is nutritious, provides better health, and eliminates the need for a large, traditional kitchen.

Putting together complicated recipes and cooking food just isn’t workable in such a small shelter. Our goal with this diet is to successfully live and be comfortable in the B.E.L.L., whatever it takes. So, any kind of time-consuming cooked-food preparation doesn’t fit in with our plans because of space, fuel and water consumption and the resulting ill health. In our reading and research on the subject of diet, we concluded that the Standard American Diet would not be feasible for a comfortable life in the B.E.L.L., nor would it promote good health, reduced living expenses and self-reliance.

We know that there will always be many strong opinions and beliefs about food, and obviously, there is no perfect diet for everyone. There are as many personal desires and preferences as there are people on the planet. Our purpose here is to emphasize that the diet plan we have adopted is the secret to simple B.E.L.L. living. Our personal experience and resulting conclusion is that we don’t want to have to put too much effort into food.

Because the S.A.D. diet is predominately cooked and carnivore oriented, it is certainly not conducive to simple living. In fact, it actually complicates life by taking time away from the pursuit of things we value more, such as creative art, reading, study or spending time with friends and family. The traditional fare of the American diet brings to mind such foods as hamburgers, pizza, pastries, biscuits, bread, rice, pasta, steak, sausage, pot roast, bottled or canned milk, processed cheese and ice cream. A diet such as this could hardly be considered simple, cheap or easy to obtain, much less healthy. Even if one could possibly manage to become a “homesteader”, most aspects of such a lifestyle (i.e., living out in the country, raising animals for food, growing a large garden, canning and preserving food and then spending hours in the kitchen cooking and cleaning) are too time consuming, wasteful of resources and a lot of hard work.

We are talking about a diet that is radically different from what people of this generation in the United States have traditionally known. It could really be called a “primal” diet, because it was probably known to the earliest of our ancestors, long before anyone ever invented the current produce-and-consume economic system.

We cannot overemphasize the importance of learning to eat a more natural diet above all other skills for those who truly want to create a simple, alternative lifestyle. From our experience, the diet that will insure success in a simple dwelling is one that consists primarily of raw vegetables, fresh fruit, sprouted grains, grasses and seeds. These basic foods offer the most usable low-stress proteins, enzymes, and vitamins. A 100% raw food diet would be optimal for health and a simple life style, but takes a tremendous amount of discipline and ability to adjust to such radical change. Reducing cooked food consumption to about 25% is sufficient to maintain excellent health, keeping the food budget, doctor bills and the time spent on sustaining the body at a minimum.

At least 1/3 of our diet is sprouts and indoor greens, which we grow inside the B.E.L.L. on the windowsills of this wonderful little “living light house”. The seeds and grains for growing these indoor greens are purchased in bulk from an organic source. The rest of the diet is vegetables, most of which come from our garden, such as lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, squash, onions, herbs, etc. For snacks, we purchase nuts and dried fruit in bulk from a local health food store. We have planted fruit and nut trees on the land, but it will be several years before any of them will be productive, so we are buying locally grown and organically grown fruit.

This is not a scanty, tasteless, meager diet. It is a savory, healthy, stick-to-the-ribs, basic natural diet (about 75% raw fruit, vegetables, sprouted grains, grasses and seeds and about 25% cooked foods which include whole grains, sprouted wheat bread, steamed vegetables, baked sweet potatoes, etc.) For variety, a little butter, honey, maple syrup, carob, coconut, dried figs, raisins, dates, almonds, eggs from free-range chickens, yogurt, miso or raw cow or goat cheese (all organically grown, if possible) can be added. We didn’t list any biocidic (life destroying) foods such as chips, crackers, candy, soda, frozen foods, boxed cereals, canned foods, bottled juices and pastry snacks. These non-foods are expensive and have a tendency to over-stimulate the body, causing severe cravings for even more junk.

Working on the life skill of natural diet as a first step on the path to alternative living is a unique approach. Even if life seems to be piled with obstacles, blocking the path to simplicity because of over-whelming debts, raising children, job burnout, etc., most of us have to eat. We can begin to work on this skill immediately without having to change anything else. Starting right now, the secret skill of natural diet will begin to move us in the direction of a more basic, satisfying life. This diet is easy to achieve even if we live in a city or in an apartment. Working on a natural food diet now is the most important step to begin experiencing the benefits of voluntary simplicity.

Superior Health

This primal diet, when adopted, leads to superior health, the second step of the pathway which automatically happens as part of the rippling effect when one begins the change in diet. An improvement in health is the foundation to a simple life of freedom and well being.

But how can there be superior physical and mental health in a country like the United States when obesity, heart disease and cancer are commonplace, where the meat, poultry and dairy industries refuse to inform a gullible public that its products, with their high content of saturated fat or cholesterol, are considered by many researchers to be the leading cause of heart disease? How is superior health possible in a country where over one million children are being prescribed a myriad of powerful mind altering drugs such as Prozac (for depression), Ritalin (for A.D.D.) and a host of other drugs? Furthermore, how can a country survive through the 21st century with a generation raised on fast foods, eating school lunches sponsored by the meat and dairy industries, insuring a nation of poorly nourished, mucus-laden, chemically poisoned, anti-biotic resistant, soda and sugar-filled hyper children?

Children having grown up watching Ronald McDonald, say that “hamburgers grow in hamburger patches and love to be eaten”, rather than being told the horrible, sickening truth that hamburgers come from ground up cows who have had their throats slit by machetes or their brains bashed in by sledgehammers, (not to mention the fertile breeding grounds for pathogens and diseases that are found in today’s cattle and poultry slaughterhouses). How can this deception and brainwashing continue full speed with the knowledge that related cancer, heart disease and other degenerative illnesses continue to escalate?

Fifteen years ago, cancer affected 25% of the American population. Today, it is as high as 35%. In a few short years, it might be one out of every two people who come down with some form of cancer. And then what? Did you know that you have a better chance of survival, (up to nine years longer), if you do not get any kind of cancer treatment? The medical establishment is often the last place in which to receive proper treatment for disease, much less cancer treatment. Think about it; there are billions of dollars spent on hospitals, prescription medications and surgical procedures each year. The last thing the medical establishment wants to do is start curing people holistically, naturally, by recommending cures and prevention through better eating habits.

There is a lot of money to be made in keeping people sick, ignorant and filled with fear. That is why, in the future, you will hear more and more talk about epidemics and the need to get vaccinated. It’s part of a huge campaign for deceiving the public and maintaining a certain level of hysteria, prejudice, and creating more revenue. We are being sold the erroneous belief that our immune systems need a boost against all the unseen microbes and viruses on the loose. The notion that diseases are most likely caused by external microbes is probably not the entire truth. Consider the possibility that diseases are generally caused by a breakdown of the body’s functioning due primarily to the over-consumption of cooked and processed food.

Usually, when you go to a doctor, he or she always asks you about your symptoms. Then some medication is prescribed to give you relief. There is no real cure happening here, just symptom relieving. Then, if the drug works, you think, “great, I’m cured, I don’t have that pain anymore,” but the drug often creates another illness, (called a side effect), which requires some additional drug to relieve the previous one. If you go to the health food store and ask for an herb or supplement to relieve your symptom, they’ll just recommend garlic or apple-cider vinegar or vitamins or minerals or whatever. It’s the same kind of “symptom relieving” approach; “I have this so I’ll take that.” The organic cause of ailments must be addressed through natural diet, not supplementation. The fact is, whether you have a brain tumor, cancer, flu, herpes, or sore throat, the root cause often originates internally in the intestinal filth, which creates a cesspool of toxic waste in the blood stream, ultimately wearing the body down. The symptoms you experience are the effects of the body trying desperately to cleanse itself of toxic residue. This is how we must begin to think anew about disease, but we must also want to effectively take responsibility for our own health and healing.

John Robbins, author of Diet for a New America, documents some startling facts about food and modern agriculture. He states that the historic demise of most of the great civilizations on planet earth was due to topsoil depletion. And today, the percentage of original United States topsoil that has been lost is around 75%. Four million acres, (roughly the size of Connecticut), of United States cropland, is lost each year due to soil erosion, and 85% of this loss is directly associated with livestock raising. It takes about 25 gallons of water to produce one pound of wheat, but it takes 2500 gallons of water to produce one pound of meat! Furthermore, 20,000 pounds of organic potatoes can be grown on one acre of land, while only 165 pounds of beef can be produced on one acre. Also, 80% of the corn and 95% of the oats grown in the United States are eaten by livestock, rather than fed to millions of poorly undernourished people. It is most unfortunate that 90% of the usable protein produced in our country is wasted by cycling grain through livestock. Meat production is an irresponsible and thoughtless misuse of resources, especially in a world where 40,000 children starve to death each day and 60,000,000 starve to death annually. And this is all due to our excessive consumption of commercially grown, non-organic, cooked beef, poultry, fish, milk and eggs.5

Instead of channeling technology to grow fruits and vegetables more efficiently and establish better irrigation systems, we continue to ingest chemical non-foods; while agri-business keeps on irradiating and spraying fields with pesticide poisons to increase production, add preservatives to increase shelf-life, while irresponsibly, not informing the public of these unhealthy conditions. All of this continues at the expense of our biological and environmental well being. We have come a long way with technology, but now it has come down to the current generation, and the next; to realize a new vision of superior health through adherence to the Law of One and proper stewardship of the world environment - respecting and honoring the forces of nature. By the same token, we need to take a strong initiative individually to clean up the environment in our own backyards.

Is superior health possible when heart attacks strike every 25 seconds in the United States, and kills every 45 seconds? Ironically, James Garner, a Hollywood celebrity, was paid by the Meat Board to promote beef as “real food for real people.” In April 1988, Garner underwent quintuple coronary artery bypass surgery. Also, Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers, suffered similar consequences. If Americans would greatly reduce, if not eliminate, their consumption of commercially grown meat, dairy products and eggs, they would reduce their risk of heart attack by 90%. This would free up enough resources in the world to feed the millions of starving people, clean up the water supply, stop deforestation of the tropical rain forest, reduce topsoil erosion and begin to dismantle the medical nemesis plaguing modern society. By returning to a basic, plant-based natural diet we can begin to restore abundant mental and physical health to the world.

A superior state of mind and profound, physical health is possible for nearly everyone, through a primarily raw, vegetarian diet. It is something that should not be rejected or refuted, but must be proven by each individual to his or her own satisfaction. The simple truth becomes obvious when we look at the animal kingdom; no creature cooks or meddles with its food except humans. Because of fire, (the symbol of technology), humanity has continuously sacrificed its food to the enzyme-killing god of death. And now in modern times, because of technology, we have gone even farther from our natural link to the plant world, and have substituted it with (biocidic) dead, plastic, processed and denatured foods. This can be seen in the zillions of boxes of dry breakfast cereals, frozen dinners, canned diet drinks, white bread and fast food.

The concept of superior health through natural raw food diet is no mystery. Its benefits have been maintained by several noted individuals. In modern times, people like Norman Walker, Rev. George Malkmus, Teresa Mitchell, Edmond Szekely, and Ann Wigmore wrote and personally demonstrated the advantages of raw food diets. Yet this available, proven knowledge has been completely ignored, (or suppressed?), by the mainstream medical establishment. Why? It has been overlooked because of one undeniable and easily proven fact; cooked food tends to be addictive!

Cooked food has a physio-chemical, drug-like reactivity in the body. Virtually everyone is addicted to the effects of cooked food, yet most of us don’t even suspect it. Eating poorly combined cooked meals, fast food, processed snacks and sodas are the accepted norm in modern civilization. But these fractured non-foods take a terrible toll on the human body. Many of us make excuses for not eating a natural diet, blaming it on our fast-paced life styles. We convince ourselves that we don’t have time to eat properly. In our experience, however, raw food eating is ideal for the person on the go, since the need for cooking has been eliminated. Carrying around a bag of fresh fruit, sprouts and nuts and visiting our favorite salad bar is convenient and enjoyable.

Prove to yourself that cooked food is addictive by trying this simple experiment: completely avoid your favorite cooked food for a week (i.e., rice, bread, meat, pasta, etc.) and at the same time, go without your favorite fruit. You will see how your body goes through withdrawals for the cooked food but not for the fruit because fruit is not addictive. Many people suffer terribly when they avoid bread. What does that say about the “staff of life”?

Isn’t it ironic that there are laws protecting against false labeling and selling things that do not function properly? For example, if something looks like a radio and is called a radio, it must function as a radio; otherwise it has to be labeled a “toy radio”. But when it comes to processed, canned, frozen or bottled food, where enzymes have been destroyed by heat, (i.e. pasteurization, irradiation or just plain cooking), then that substance, by definition, is no longer capable of functioning as a whole food and should therefore be labeled “toy food”.

Our government has proposed labeling regulations that are even more ridiculous than this. White House officials, at one time, suggested that handguns should be labeled as deadly and dangerous, (as though it wasn’t obvious). Well then, I propose we label dairy products. We can start with pasteurized cows’ milk, for instance. Perhaps an appropriate label could read:

Warning: Ingestion and / or overindulgence of pasteurized dairy products can significantly increase your risk of developing coronary heart disease, breast cancer, constipation, mucus formation, allergies, weight gain and flatulence!”

When food has not been altered by heat or irradiation, nor processed in any way, it is completely nutritious. An freshly picked apple, for instance, contains all the essential amino acids needed for building human protein as well as vitamins, minerals, and other elements that human scientists haven’t even discovered yet. And most importantly, it contains vital, living water, which is not just filtered water, but restructured, enzyme-attached, electrified water, capable of revitalizing the living cells of the human body.

There is much scientific evidence to prove that the excessive consumption of cooked food causes degenerative diseases and premature death. Possibly the best study carried out to prove this, are the Price-Pottenger cat experiments. Nine hundred cats were divided into several groups. Some were fed cooked food, while others were fed the same diet, only uncooked. In each case, the cats that received cooked food suffered severe dental problems, cancer, infections, offspring sterility and other deficiencies, while the cats in the raw food group remained virile, active and completely healthy. Furthermore, each successive generation of “cooked food cats” became worse, until the third generation, which was unable to reproduce at all! Joe Alexander reprints the results of this study as Appendix A in his book entitled Blatant Raw-Foodist Propaganda.

Ann Wigmore, co-founder of the Hippocrates Institute once mentioned experiments in which it was shown that human cancer cells thrived easily on cooked food, but when placed on uncooked (raw) food they could not survive. Again, cancer and other degenerative diseases are apparently not caused by external microbe invasion, as may be commonly perceived by standard medical doctors, but rather are the result of the build up of toxic residue (toxemia) which prematurely breaks the body down. Doctors are conditioned to think in terms of healing by treating symptoms alone. That is why in so many cases the real cause of disease remains masked or undetected. Instead of eliminating causes, doctors are trained to prescribe medications to relieve effects. It’s all being orchestrated by pharmaceutical big business. And if one drug doesn’t work they try another one. And if that doesn’t work, they radiate, i.e. “nuke” you or cut pieces out of your body. Can anything be crazier than this? In the old days people blamed unseen demonic forces for illnesses. Now they blame invading microbes. We really haven’t progressed much with modern medicine. It’s the old idea of sweeping the problem under the rug, of short circuiting the body’s natural healing system rather than dealing with the underlying cause.

Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine said, “Let food be your medicine,” yet the average doctor, with four years of medical school, only receives about 2.5 hours of training in nutrition.6 Did you also know that the life span of the average American physician is only 58 years?

Arnold Ehret, a forceful advocate of raw foods, concluded that the over-consumption of cooked food was the fundamental cause for most physical ailments afflicting mankind. In the early 1900’s he also successfully treated mental illness and schizophrenia with fasting and his mucusless diet healing system, consisting of raw fruits and leafy green vegetables.

Now hear this America: In our opinion, all allergies can be completely wiped out by taking up a raw food diet; immunity from colds, sore throats, ear infections, body odors, osteoporosis, kidney failure, breast cancer, diabetes, obesity, asthma, hypertension, pancreatic, stomach, colon and prostate cancers, heart disease, endometriosis, hemorrhoids and colitis, can be prevented. These can be consistently relieved and almost always cured by a low-fat, raw food diet of fresh fruit, leafy greens, some raw vegetables, sprouts, raw nuts and seeds. Eating raw foods also helps overcome common addictions to substances such as caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, marijuana and other habit-forming drugs.

That is the greatest and most well kept secret on planet earth, humanity’s natural diet.

In Genesis 1:29, there is a beautiful description of man’s basic diet;

“…Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be as meat.”

And in the Essene Gospel of Peace: “...if you eat living food the same will quicken you, but if you kill your food, the dead food will kill you also. For life comes only from life and death always from death.”7

Unless you experience the rawsome power of a primarily raw-diet, you cannot really know the abundant energy and complete mental and emotional clarity available to you through natural hygiene. For example, if fresh fruit agrees with you, begin the day with one or two pieces - eat apples, bananas, grapes or mangos, whatever you want -enjoy all the fruit, fresh juice or vegetables you like or try our Morning Mix (described on page 44). Then at noon have a big salad with biogenic greens, sprouts or fresh carrot juice or whatever vegetables you like, but eat them raw. Eat to feel satisfied. Snack on raw food throughout the afternoon if you get hungry. Raw food is not fattening. You could eat five avocados per day and still lose weight. At suppertime, have a simple cooked meal with raw leafy greens as usual. Because the digestion of cooked food is the number one drain of energy on the body, eating cooked food at the end of the day gives your body time to process it during sleep. Eventually you will discover that the more raw food you take in, (especially biogenic “baby” greens such as buckwheat lettuce, wheat grass or sprouts) the less food you will need overall, because raw food is alive and nutritionally complete.

Contrary to what the so-called experts say, cooked food is dead and deficient. Cooked food really doesn’t taste good at all, that is why people add so many fattening condiments; things like inorganic salt, pasteurized butter, dressings, sauces, spices, catsup, mayo, etc. It is these things that over-stimulate the taste buds and make us want to eat more. All of the nutrition information about counting calories, protein, carbohydrates, fat grams, etc. tends to be little more than a theoretical hodgepodge of misinformation and intellectual excreta applicable mostly to eating a primarily cooked food diet, which is unnatural and unnecessary for health! Furthermore, have you ever considered why it is that humans are the only species that continue to drink milk after being weaned? And why do they drink the milk of another species? Cow’s milk is for calves! The dairy industry argues that we need calcium to prevent osteoporosis. But where does a cow get calcium for milk? Calcium comes from the grass they eat, and for us humans, is abundantly found in leafy green vegetables and raw, unhulled sesame seeds. This is not to say that we must avoid milk products completely. The highly digestible forms such as clabbered milk, yogurt, raw cheese and butter are wonderful additions to our diet, as long as they come from organically raised, healthy, disease free cows and goats that have been given organic food, sunshine and love.

The human body cannot revitalize living cells with dead food. When you eat dead food, the pancreas must manufacture enzymes in order to digest it. This takes away from its normal function of regulating blood sugar levels through insulin production. Anything cooked over 128 degrees Fahrenheit destroys the enzymatic life force and is therefore poisonous to the body. The negative effects of eating cooked foods over a long period of time become cumulative and merciless.

Raw foods transform you into a better human being, able to utilize more of your natural ability. It eventually takes away sexual tension, frustration and enables you, (men especially), to experience a state of complete wholeness and vitality that no quickie orgasm ever can! What you start to experience is radiant and energetic physical-spiritual health. It gives you a leading edge and allows you the capacity to perform more creatively and productively in everything you do.

In Nature’s First Law: The Raw Food Diet, a book by Arlin, Dini and Wolfe, the subject of weight loss is addressed.

“When you begin the process of undertaking the Raw Food Diet you will lose weight. It is inevitable. After years of eating cooked and processed dead foods your body becomes loaded with toxic material. Once the body has a chance to unload poisons, it will do so. Each organ will cleanse itself and every tissue will purge dead material. The body will detoxify. This is always accompanied by weight loss - the good will push out the bad” 8[and the ugly].

Weight loss is so common among raw foodists that the first question they usually ask each other is “how much weight have you lost?” Arlin, Dini and Wolfe call this loss of weight the death of the false body, which is made up of diseased cells, masses of fat, dead water, excess bile, sludge in the arteries and intestines, salts, arthritic deposits, irritating food preservatives, poison medicines and cooked food residue.

There is also a dormant, true body, subsisting on a thread, given the meager portions of raw food on a Standard American Diet. The true body is forced to perform a most wearisome task; it must give in to the addictive cravings of the false body, which demands that the food be destroyed by heat and then loaded with condiments, to satiate its gluttonous desires.

But, given the opportunity through increased introduction of raw fruits and leafy green vegetables, the true body will immediately awaken, rise up and take charge. This house cleaning is so relentless and thorough, that most raw foodists complain that they’ve lost too much weight! But the wisdom inherent in this marvelous body can be trusted. Eventually, this period of weight loss will be followed by a stabilization phase in which the body will regain just a few pounds and adjust to a precise, healthy weight as long as one is sensible and realistic about diet and proper nutrition. It is impossible to stay fat on a raw food diet. Only the false body is fat. Raw food eliminates the false body and resurrects the true body of health, natural beauty and perfect weight! But it is extremely important not to try to transition too fast!

In 1997, we witnessed the remarkable transforming effects of raw food through the son of a close friend, 17 years of age at the time of this writing. He was a typical junk-foodist eating the standard American stuff: ice cream, soda-pop, burgers, frozen food, pizza, taco and chips. He also smoked cigarettes and used pot regularly. He got involved with friends that were using LSD, speed and alcohol, almost daily. Having dropped out of school, he was constantly creating some kind of trouble for himself and his family. Eventually, he was busted with two hits of acid, and ended up spending a couple of nights in some sleazy jail, (which incidentally, fed him a cuisine that consisted of starchy, vegetable-less meals of preserved lunch meat, white bread, pancakes, instant oatmeal and an occasional iceberg lettuce salad...yuck, how can we rehabilitate people on that junk)? A diet such as this seems to be a true “death” penalty!

He wasn’t a bad kid, nor was he a mean-spirited person, rather he was a product of the Standard American Diet. His vitality, productivity and mental capacity had long since been zapped by the exclusive use of denatured cooked foods, which caused addictive tendencies towards mood altering, unnatural substances. Yet, he was no different from the thousands of people who regularly use prescription poisons in this country. Doctors prescribe millions of chemical concoctions to help alleviate depression, headaches, constipation, ulcers, high blood pressure, drowsiness, restlessness and pain. And it’s all legal! Each day, millions of people jolt themselves awake with coffee, tea, sugary pastries and carbonated sodas; while illegal drug users are condemned by the society that created them.

When this young man started eating more raw food, he began to take responsibility for his own meals, never having taken responsibility for anything before. He did his own grocery shopping, started working full-time, met new friends, completed his high school education and was even asked to give a speech at his graduation. Soon after that, he kicked his dependency on drugs, got off cigarettes and started up his own lawn cutting business. When asked why he was finally willing to make such a drastic change for the better, he said, “because I want to stay high naturally and never come down again.”

What this young man has accomplished in a few short weeks is more noble, responsible and inspiring than anything we’ve ever witnessed. He has realized from personal experience that a basic raw diet is the primary prerequisite to superior health. He is sure to inspire many young people and become a powerful influence to all who recognize that true change must come from within.

Begin eating raw food as much as possible. Make positive changes in your overall health and well being. Get the raw food into your body and the rest will take care of itself. In an essay entitled My Road to Health, Teresa Mitchell eloquently writes,

“I shall always consider my experiments with the [raw food] diet the greatest accomplishment of my entire life... Health is within everyone’s grasp - all we need do is reach for it. Perhaps it will be difficult in the beginning; it might even take considerably longer than we would like, but in the end, our efforts will surely be crowned with the energy that radiates from a healthy body and which ultimately brings success and happiness.”9

In summary, understand that anyone considering adding more raw food to their diet need not worry about getting enough nutrients; the widespread belief in our society errantly maintains that cooked food, fish, meat and dairy products, the so-called “balanced diet”, are necessary for health and strength. The truth is very simple; it is easy to have a well-balanced diet with raw foods. It is only cooked foods that are nutritionally deficient because their enzymes have been destroyed by fire. Additionally, careful food combining is unnecessary. There is an ample supply of protein to meet the body’s needs on raw food, especially by eating raw or sprouted seeds such as sesame and sunflower. In fact, according to the USDA’s Composition of Foods Handbook, Number 8, unhulled sesame seed contains ten times more calcium than cow’s milk, one and a half times more iron than beef liver, three times more phosphorus than eggs, more protein than chicken, beef liver or beefsteak, and more niacin than whole wheat bread.

Even while there may be somewhat less protein in a raw-vegetarian diet than that of a meat eater’s diet, the protein in raw fruits, vegetables and seeds is uniquely suited for the human body. Cooked animal protein, on the other hand, actually leads to heart disease, osteoporosis and cancer.

Arlin and Wolf, in their essay entitled, How to Win an Argument with a Cooked Food Eater, address the controversial subject of protein. They back up every statement with years of nutritional research data:

“Protein is no more important than any other element in our food. The mass frenzy on the subject of protein is the product of an elaborate media campaign by the meat and dairy industries to push their products. The truth is, no one ever suffers from a protein deficiency - and certainly no one ever dies from one. But people die of protein poisoning en masse every day. Heart attacks, strokes, cancer, etc. are all the inevitable results of overburdening the body with cooked animal products.”10

For years Donna and I have collectively practiced many different health methods such as mindfulness meditation, yoga, Aikido, tai chi, massage, tried macrobiotic and other vegetarian regimens in order to cultivate deep mental, physical and spiritual well being for ourselves. Though all of these were helpful to us at certain levels, it wasn’t until we took up a raw diet of primarily fruits, sprouts, biogenic “baby” greens, raw vegetables, a few nuts and seeds, minimized cooked foods while eliminating all the processed biocidic foods that we truly began to experience a profound connection with nature, obtaining boundless energy, and discovering our destiny as primal conscious humans on planet earth.

In his book, Blatant Raw-Foodist Propaganda, Joe Alexander states,

“The purpose of life is not to become a raw food eater. Rather, the purpose of raw food eating is to keep you healthy and energetic and clear of mind so that you can better accomplish some worthwhile goals in life.”11

The effects of raw foods are miraculous. We cannot say enough about it. We encourage any true seeker after health and spiritual freedom to give it 30 days and see for yourself what superior physical and mental health is really like. The choice, as always, is yours. It’s never too late to change.

A Final Note:

We realize that readers who have never heard of this idea of eating raw food may find this whole subject very strange, and might be left feeling quite confused and overwhelmed. We are aware of a growing raw foodist movement, much of which sounds quite radical, intolerant and uncompromising. There are extremes in either direction on the subject of this diet. There are the strict vegan raw-foodists on one side of the issue and the raw meat-eaters on the other …and an infinite variety of diet laws and commandments in between.

Our personal conclusion is that the idea of reducing cooked foods makes sense because of the issue of enzymes and the living force in food. And because the human body requires healthy, intestinal bacteria available only from raw, freshly picked, organic produce, it is imperative that we move toward producing our own food as much as possible. The recent advances in bio-engineering, genetic manipulation of foods, terminator seeds, as well as the alarming use of pesticide and herbicide poisons make it critical for true health seekers to begin utilizing simple foods such as wheat grass, baby greens and homegrown sprouts. Millions of people live relatively healthy long lives eating cooked meats, milk, and boxed cereals, having never heard of the concept of a live food diet. However, they may never discover the abundant freedom of a lifestyle which emphasizes the “minimum of needs”. This is why we chose to share the information of eating a predominately raw, live food diet from the perspective of living simply in the B.E.L.L. The luxury of being able to simplify meals and really enjoy them without sacrificing quality, taste and nutrition is more important to us than adopting a diet because someone said we should.

Above all else, we strive to listen to our bodies, the only food guru we need. And if we feel we really should have a piece of deer jerky, a baked potato, or raw goat milk or raw cheese, we honor the innate intelligence of our bodies and eat those things. Too often, the mind and its’ logical conclusions are relied upon for nutritional guidance rather than the intelligence of the body. The test is this: After you eat a piece of cooked meat, cheese or ice cream, how does it make you feel? Does it make you feel better, stronger and happier, or does it make you feel sluggish, tired and depressed? If a person proceeds in this way, their own primal instincts will surely lead them to the truth about nutrition.

We can only write from our own limited focus and experiences. Please do not assume we are advocating a specific way for you to eat. How could we know what your body needs? You have to work that out for yourself by study, trial and error and by listening to your body’s primal intelligence about nutrition, just as we have.

Eat so that you can enjoy your life, not because you believe some expert. Find the foods that make you feel your very best and that you enjoy eating. That is the only way to really know what is right for you.

In our article entitled “The Wonder of Sprouting” we offer some specific information on growing sprouts, grasses, germinated seeds and baby greens, which we have concluded are the most important sources of healthy, self-reliant and fresh foods available. This information is being offered as an alternative way to grow your own supplemental food so you can always have a fresh supply of living food available without having to rely on a large vegetable garden. But, please note…sprouts are very cleansing foods. It takes a period of time to allow the body to get used to eating them. If you choose to add them to your diet, go slowly, giving your body time to adjust. We started by adding a few sprouts to everything we ate.

Many raw food advocates advise totally giving up cooked food. We did that for a few months, but eventually decided that we felt just as good by enjoying simple, whole cooked foods (no junk) from time to time, such as brown basmati rice, baked potato, water-sautéed vegetables or homemade sprouted sourdough bread. That seems to work for us. To everything there is a season…a time for cooked, a time to fast, a time for raw…. stay balanced and enjoy your life in a basic, merciful way.

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