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January, 1999

A Personal Note from the Web Site Editor  
New Liberty Village is being presented as an ongoing reality, populated with cyber-denizens who share just a few basic ideas and aspirations
, basically a capacity and love for independence. The new social forms they discuss are ideas of how to nurture and encourage individuality and independence within a society to the maximum benefit to all.

I do not want to mislead anyone, or even give false hope. As far as I know, there is yet no real world New Liberty village. When enough information and experience is shared and tested, opportunities may develop for real world experiments in such intentional community, with a wide variety of persons, in a number of places. We hope visitors to this online, virtual village will ask questions and comments, and add their own diverse input into the construction and functioning of the village. 

Uniformity of opinion, or everyone thinking alike,  is m
ost definately not one of my goals. Where my own thinking is down right wrong or incomplete, I want to know about it, either in discussion groups, or letters to the editor. My own personal opinion is just one among others. As New Liberty grows, it will reflect many opinions and ideas, not just the editor's.

If you have dreams or ideas of your own, please post them. There is a very good chance you will see it published in the site, under your name or by-line. 

One of the purposes of the
New Liberty Village Beacon will be to inform it's readers of "real" world experiments and endeavors as they develop, and those that already exist. Please submit any examples you might know of.

Over the years that I have tried to think of better ways of doing things, different imaginations have arisen.
 It was not until I read Rudolf Steiner's The Threefold Social Order that I first came upon social thinking that lit a spark in me. I began to
think there were desirable alternative social forms to either Capitalism or Socialism. I immediately begin to see many of the world's wider problems, and some of my own frustrations, in the light of this new way of thinking ... new for me anyway

This endeavor does not in anyway claim

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Community Building

   The New Community Center Building

The construction trailer office has already been towed into place on the large tract of land directly across the Highway from the new New Liberty Community Center. James Johnson, the local builder assigned the task of gathering and weighing all suggestions, and overseeing the many phases of the planned community's construction, says he will continue to accept suggestions from anyone kind enough to offer them. 

The first building of the project, the Community center, is in the final stages of construction, and already has grass growing over its large dome. It will soon host town planning meetings along with many of the other functions it was designed to serve. It's location is rather symbolic since it stands between the older New Liberty Village and the new. Seeing it standing, it makes it possible for us to believe that our joint endeavors can result in something beautiful .(continued on Page 2)


If you have the ability and means of composing midi-music files, and would like to share them for free, to be played from the NLV Community Center Concert Hall, please send attached files.


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This is an archived copy of the first New Liberty Village Beacon, as the town and it's newspaper were called then. To view the next edition of the New Liberty Village News click HERE.